We take care of tasks such as web design and marketing for you so that you can focus on your company or organization

Web Design

Exclusive Digital Commerce builds and maintains complete websites for you.

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Web shops that meet your personal target groups and goals.


In order to be found in Google, your website must be optimized for SEO.


Logo Design Services to build a successful brand


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Website Design & Development

Vanaf €489,-

Websitespace bouwt en onderhoudt complete websites voor u. Deze website voldoet aan uw wensen en sluit aan op uw doelgroep. Wij denken samen met u mee om tot een design te komen dat past bij de uitstraling van uw organisatie of onderneming. Iedere sector vereist weer een andere aanpak. Wij leggen de nadruk op de punten waar specifiek behoefte aan is.

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Web Shops

Vanaf € 689,-

Iedere sector vereist weer een andere aanpak. Wij leggen de nadruk op de punten waar specifiek behoefte aan is.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is een van de belangrijkste onderdelen van een website. Uw website moet goed te vinden zijn in google. Om vindbaar te zijn in google moet uw website SEO optimaal gemaakt worden. Hierdoor scoort deze hoog in de zoekresultaten. Dit levert een toestroom van organisch verkeer op.

Short and long-term growth

When it comes to online marketing, the vision is still too often focused on the short term. This results in sacrificing reliability, for example. It is more important to build a brand that will attract customers for years to come. Where the expectations of the website visitors are consistently exceeded. That is what we strive for. So the impression is not only good in the short term, but also in the long term.

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Application of practical expertise

At Exclusive Digital Commerce, we only work with real experience experts. We all have practical expertise in the field of web design and online marketing. This way we not only know what works, but also how it works. According to us an essential feature to ensure success. We test our techniques and strategies frequently. They are therefore always relevant in practice.

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Continuous learning curve

At the same time, we are always eager to learn. We know better than anyone that things move very quickly in the digital world. Every day there are new possibilities. In terms of design options, but also in terms of attracting visitors. We do not stand still and continue to develop. Being open to new ways of working only leads to more possibilities.

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Resistant to developments

As indicated above, we have an eager to learn attitude. This makes Exclusive Digital Commerce resistant to developments. When Google completely changes the algorithm tomorrow, for example, we immediately investigate. We figure out what this means for the SEO strategy in relation to Google. So we never go under with developments and your website remains strong.

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Webdesign and online marketing in consultation

Collaboration is also very important to us. It’s important to us that both the web design and the online marketing aspects are completely to your liking. The only way to know for sure is by communicating about it frequently. Therefore, we always keep the communication lines short. Moreover, we are open to feedback. In consultation, it is always possible to make certain adjustments.

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Innovative outlook

An innovative outlook is essential to keep standing out. This applies not only to the websites we build, but certainly to ourselves. Standing still is going backwards. What new things can we try to reach a higher goal? Measuring is knowing. We therefore always examine in detail what works and what does not work at all.
With these points in mind, we are happy to get to work for you. We look forward to meeting you and hearing what your wishes are. Ultimately, we are convinced that this will lead to a very fruitful collaboration. One that both parties will look back on with pleasure.

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